REI Global Connect Membership

As an REI Investor Member you will have access to other REIGC members, vendors and educators from around the world

Entertainment &


Networking, Socializing, Mingling in Coffee Shops, and Live Concerts and Events

Investment Opportunities

Post your properties, Make offers to Buy, Sale, Trade. or even JV on transactions

REI Services from cities you invest

Contractors, Lenders, Insurance,Inspectors, cleaners, even legal & information links

Technology & Education

Understand the business, find training, mentors, coaches and the latest tools to succeed

Until the official launch, First year membership is FREE. If you wish to pay for a 2 year membership now (before launch), you may pay $160.00 for the second year. (30% discount)


Additionally, anyone who you refer, that pays for a new membership, will entitle you to a $10.00 credit to your REIGC account.

After launch, we will charge an annual membership fee of $200.00 per year; but current NREIA Members will receive a 25% discount off of their membership fees.

Become a Member now!

Want your own cyber office?

Regular Rate is $50.00 per month for single man virtual office.

Pre-Launch Rate is $40.00 per month for a single man virtual office. Charged now to your card for the number of months you want this discount to apply. Any months between your posted payment time and our actual launch date will not be used, so you will have a live office for the number of months paid at this special rate.

And YES, if you are already a member of the NREIA, you will get an additional 25% Discount off the Pre-Launch Discount Pricing

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