REI Global Connect Membership

As an REI Investor Member you will have access to other REIGC members, vendors and educators from around the world

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Online 4th
Quarter 2021

Entertainment &


Networking, Socializing, Mingling in Coffee Shops, and Live Concerts and Events

Investment Opportunities

Post your properties, Make offers to Buy, Sale, Trade. or even JV on transactions

REI Services from cities you invest

Contractors, Lenders, Insurance,Inspectors, cleaners, even legal & information links

Technology & Education

Understand the business, find training, mentors, coaches and the latest tools to succeed

Think of REI Global Connect as your one-stop shopping mall for virtually any type of service you may need when investing in real estate, especially when investing outside of your own back yard.


Instead of spending hours on google, making a lot of phone calls, interviewing to find that one person /company that you hope... will do the job you need, at the price that is right, and gives you the comfort you need to do business; REIGC is like going to a mall that allows you to meet, talk, and see each candidate service provider.


For you, access to all these service providers, is a one stop event, right from your computer; and we include a customer rating service based on your peer reviews.

Better confidence. REIGC is not a messenger service. You can negotiate with more confidence because you can see their facial expressions, read their body language, and hear the intonations of their voice.  So just like sitting in their office with them, or in your conference room.  You can share documents, sign contracts, and if desired, use our blockchain contract escrow services to insure all parties get what they expect.

There is a property market place to post Properties and Services, Buy, Sale, Trade and virtually close deals! (where legal)

We will have cyber city for every global city with a population of over 100,000 people

There are 315 cities alone in the US of this population, then 36 support industries and an average of 12-15 companies per industry... The math says that is a whole lot of people.

Real Estate Investors Global Connect
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REI Global Connect.

We will accept membership to this exclusive investor group, beginning
30-days prior to the portal opening

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