REI Global Connect World

This is such new technology, it is currently only available by downloading this viewer. The webGL is in development and hopefully available in last quarter 2020.

Desktop and VR Ready NOW, Mobile soon!

A cyber world, with personalized Avatars

Walk or teleport anywhere

Socialize, Network, Work, Play or just Relax

Post RE opportunities, Buy, Sale, Trade, JV

Vendors now at investors fingertips.  No more long searches

Vendors, here are customers at your fingertips and they are there looking for someone just like you

Coming to you here live Third Quarter 2020

The Early Bird is the one who catches to biggest worm, so get started today!

Save even more by joining during the Pre-Launch, and the
First Year is Free (a $200 value)

Thank for Joining us!

Just a glimpse of what is in store for our members

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