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Digital Marketing
For the
Real Estate Investor

With time, everything changes.  With technology exploding, and the digital age transforming every facet of our society. we must change too and evolve, if we want to keep our business in the game. Offering the best-in-class digital marketing services and technology solutions to SMB's. We're changing the way digital marketing is done with our technology and service hybrid.

Creating the right message
Making the algorithms understand your intended message
Maximizing the results on search engines and social media platforms
Specific Messages delivered to your targeted audience
General Presentations delivered for your shotgun affect media

Our digital marketing services to you include:

  • SEO Transformation:  Taking your existing website or creating an entirely new one to match your content with the ever changing algorithms that the WebCrawler and search engines use.  Whether it is bing, google, yahoo, or any of the other search tools, each has its own algorithm for matching criteria as the WebCrawler's seek a response from the requestors.

  • PPC: PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. ... Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC.  This can be very costly if not managed by a professional.

  • Social Media MarketingFacebook ​, Alignable, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube, WeChat, Amazon, Microsoft, PinterestApple.  Did you realize these all work differently?

  • Directory Listings:  When was the last time you spent the time to relog your listing? (Monthly)

  • Content Writing:  As often as Algorithms change, your content needs adjusting. (Monthly)

  • Ad Creation: This is not as easy as it sounds, this is key to finding a balance between your content, and the algorithms to make sure your message is conveyed at the right time and to the right audience

  • Correct Language Transformation:  Seems silly since we have google translator, but unfortunately as someone on the receiving end has said... It does not make sense, often.  We use real people to go through your translated content, making changes to insure your message is accurate in many languages such as:  English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, really... if it is spoken we can make it right.

  • Response Understanding: Finding who is and who is not a real prospect.

  • Response Triage:  This is separating the HOT, Warm, and cold leads.

  • Response Engagement: Spend time on the low hanging fruit, begging to be picked.

  • Follow-up:  The Fortune is always in the follow-up, but it is often where the system fails, so we can create an automated follow-up system for your sales staff to implement, and convert more leads.

  • Sales Conversion: We can send you HOT leads. ready to give you money or sell your a house; but how good is your conversion ability? This we cannot guarantee, but we can help you with staff sales training.

To help you understand more about digital marketing and how I can help you, I have a video for you to watch.  Then if interested, we can talk.

Digi market 101 Audio

Digi market 101 Audio

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