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Bee Rescue

A company that does not find a way to help humanity in some way, is not contributing all they can to make a better life for all of us.  At REI Global Connect, we continue the work to help save our bee population.  Already on the endangered species list, people seem to not realize the important role that bees play in the survival of the human race.  The process of pollinization is most directly affected by bees as they collect pollen to make their food supply, honey.  Pollinization is what allows a plant to produce its food.  Without it, the plant cannot produce, thus our main food supply stops.

Real Estate Investors:

When you buy a rehab house and it has honey bees, please call someone to do a bee rescue and not just exterminate them.  They are so important to our lives!

We donate money to Bee Rescue efforts with a percentage of our profits.  We ask that you help us to defray the cost of bee rescue.  One rescue takes 4-5 hours of a volunteer's time, but the bee habitat cost about $200 to construct.  Many bees are lost simply due to the lack of financial resources to provide a suitable habitat.

Bee Rescue

If you are willing to help out you can click here and email me, to get more information how to help

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