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Real Estate Investing

Whereas a course can lay the fundamental groundwork, perhaps provide you with tools; there is no course that can truly prepare you for everything you will find in the field.   

There is a reason college kids grow frustrated after spending thousands of dollars to learn a trade, or skill set; only to be told they are not qualified for the position they trained for, because of no experience.

Truthfully, you can start out as a real estate investor; learn by trial and error and you will eventually develop the experience you need to be very successful.  We can say that a little over a million of these investors were successful... and became millionaires from their real estate investing.

A mentor or a coach is supposedly experienced, and is meant to be a guide for you to shorten or eliminate the learning curve that causes so many real estate investors to become disillusioned and quit.  Indeed, most good mentors will help to provide guidance and insight.  In some cases, motivation to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Guys, sometimes it does get hard.  A mistake can be your downfall, but not because you are dead broke... but because you lose your belief in yourself.  Easy to do.  A mentor should be a good listener too, and help guide you out of the ditch and back on the road to success.