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Real Estate Investing

Whereas a course can lay the fundamental groundwork, perhaps provide you with tools; there is no course that can truly prepare you for everything you will find in the field.   

There is a reason college kids grow frustrated after spending thousands of dollars to learn a trade, or skill set; only to be told they are not qualified for the position they trained for, because of no experience.

Truthfully, you can start out as a real estate investor; learn by trial and error and you will eventually develop the experience you need to be very successful.  We can say that a little over a million of these investors were successful... and became millionaires from their real estate investing.

A mentor or a coach is supposedly experienced, and is meant to be a guide for you to shorten or eliminate the learning curve that causes so many real estate investors to become disillusioned and quit.  Indeed, most good mentors will help to provide guidance and insight.  In some cases, motivation to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Guys, sometimes it does get hard.  A mistake can be your downfall, but not because you are dead broke... but because you lose your belief in yourself.  Easy to do.  A mentor should be a good listener too, and help guide you out of the ditch and back on the road to success.

Mentoring and Coaching for Real Estate Investing

Mentoring and Coaching for Real Estate Investing

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How our Mentoring program works

Most Mentors or Coaches witll charge you as much as half your profit on the real estate deals you do while you work with them.  This is not a bad system.   My thought is, you will be doing all the work, so even if I am teaching you how, is my knowledge worth half of the profit?  Yes it is, but I prefer a simpler less expensive method for you.  If you are getting started, you may not have a lot of money to work with so I use a pre-paid credit system.  And it is much less expensive than half the profit of your deals. You choose how to make contact, and then  your credit balance is reconciled at the end of the day.  When you acquire credits, your name and phone number is entered into my cell phone.  I only answer numbers that are programmed.  When you use all your credits, I suspend your number.

Mentor Credit.png
Phone Calls (or Zoom) are billed in 15 minute intervals.  2 credits for the first increment, and one credit for each additional increment.  These can be scheduled on the calendar, but I have found, when you need an answer, there is normally no time to schedule.  I want to try and help.  So if I do not answer, know that I will call you back very soon. Typical hours of phone available is from 0700 CST until 2100 CST.
                                           FAIR WARNING
I do not listen to voice mail..

Text Message is billed at 1 credit per text, so text your question, and I will answer, if I ask you a return question, your response is not billed against you.  This is actually the fastest method for me to respond.  

Email can be many questions... and long even... Unlimited Email Support requires you purchase a Silver Mentor Credit.  The Credit is good for 12 months from date of purchase.  This way I respond normally within a day.  I check emails normally early in morning, and at night after work hours.

And there is another FREE way to get help too.... is a business to business social media platform.  I am the Administrator of the Real Estate Investing Group.  You can join Alignable for FREE, then join the group...  Also, you are welcome to connect with me within the Alignable platform. Within the group are many real estate investors, if you post questions, or topics, people will respond to you.  Sometimes I am very impressed with the thoughts and feedback these guys provide.  In the course, you will learn my position on how important Networking it to your success.  This is a great place to start. 

Note sending me mail through the Alignable intramail system counts the same as an email above, but I do not respond as quickly...  it is not tied to my phone app.  

And as a side note, for Alignable, I am one of 18 National Ambassador Mentors, and you guessed it, I focus on Real Estate and helping businesses grow with the Alignable community.

oh and....    Gold Mentoring Credits do not Expire!

On Sundays and HOLIDAYS, credits billed are doubled.  I have a family too. So look at your National Holidays and add February 14th/15th and February 22nd as well as December 22nd though December 28th.

If I am available, I will answer for a Gold Mentor Credit holder, 24-hours each and every day.   The inconvenience rate is 3 times the credit consumption.

Silver Credit.png
Go Ahead and add some credits to your cart...

1 Silver Credit, good for next 12- months of unlimited email support


$125 for 10 Gold credits

$297 for 25 Gold credits

$500 for 50 Gold credits

The prices listed here are the "List" price, when you go to your cart, you will see any sales promotions applied.

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