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Introducing REI Global Connect

Your virtual source for meeting and interacting with real estate investors, instructors, and vendors, globally.

Think of REI Global Connect as your one-stop shopping mall for virtually any type of service you may need when investing in real estate that is not in your back yard. Instead of spending hours on google, making a lot of phone calls, interviewing to find that one person /company that you hope will do the job you need, at the price that is right, and gives you the comfort you need to do business; this is like going to a mall that allows you to meet, talk, and see each candidate service provider.


For you, access to all these service providers, is a one stop event, right from your computer.

It is a social communications platform, designed to allow you to converse and connect with people from all over the world.  Meet in the local coffee shoppes, meet at the University while you learn of new trends, new strategies, government updates. Meet while you strolling down the roadways looking at various options and simply getting out of the office without ever leaving your chair.

A Global market place for new opportunities.  You can Post Properties and Services, Buy, Sale, Trade and virtually close deals! (where legal)

Value Proposition

Averages according to our members so far, for each new service, there are many hours spent, and when outside your own backyard, then 6 -8 hours are wasted.

Average of Responses

How much is your time worth per hour?

How many hours do you spend looking for new contractors, vendors, or suppliers?



Hours spent on a Google search, calling on the phone, waiting for replies.  Then when you talk to a contractor over the phone, are they just a one-man show hoping you will agree to pay this months bills? Websites can be deceiving.

Finding one new vendor will cost you $225.00

Why was "Angies List" successful?  Helping homeowners find handyman contractors. For you, who better to recommend a supplier, than an investor in the location and area that you need the work performed?

How much monetary loss is probable by selecting a new vendor, that is not as good as they claim?

Real Estate Investors working together to make profits!

Choosing the wrong one (on average) cost you $2500.00

Join our members 
who already see & understand the benefit



REI Global Connect

Our Membership is Growing

We also accept cryptocurrency, such as bitcoins

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