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Available Services

REI Training Courses

Real Estate Investing

Courses that allowed me to be successful.  Not that I did not make mistakes, but I overcame them and continued,  Some are paid and some are free.

REI Services Connection

This is designed to solve the problem of finding contractors and reliable people to work with when an investor begins looking at investing outside of their own backyard... even globally

REI Mentoring

Education is wonderful

But just like a school graduate the employers want experience

IF you do not have experience, it is far cheaper to hire someone who does,  That is a mentor

The Future of REIGC

This is going to become a social media and real estate investing connection tool, with BlockChain contracts to allow transactions to occur anywhere and still providing protection to both parties

Digital Marketing

Technology has changed the world

Real Estate Investing has changed with it, offering better ways to do the mundane task like taking "Bandit Signs" out on major streets.  Now we take it in their homes!

Intel Research Group

We investigate things going on both Globally and Nationally to try and understand the direction we are headed as an industry.  Research like this allowed me to avoid the huge loss of 2008/2009

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