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Just another tool to help the real estate investor

REI Global Connect is a simple platform to allow people to come together, find each other and make business happen smoothly, and inexpensively.  Born from the fact, that for years, people have contacted me wanting to know if I knew of someone to do work, or provide a service.  I spent time on the phone and answering emails.  After 40 years of real estate investing, there is now an easier way, so that is what I created.

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For RE Investors

Entertainment &


Networking, Socializing, Mingling in Coffee Shops, and Live Concerts and Events

Investment Opportunities

Post your properties, Make offers to Buy, Sale, Trade. or even JV on transactions

REI Services from cities you invest

Contractors, Lenders, Insurance,Inspectors, cleaners, even legal & information links

Technology & Education

Understand the business, find training, mentors, coaches and the latest tools to succeed

Stage 1

Simple Database Retrieval.

We have assembled and are expanding the database to cover any and every conceivable service provider that might be needed by a real estate investor.

We have compiled vendor profiles to give the investor a rudimentary understanding of what each does.  We will let the investor decide who they will contact, and who they will not.

For the investor, it is a simple form that you input two fields, location and service needed.

The platform will generate a simple output.  You will be able to casually review, and make contact with the provider that stands out to you. 

Stage 2

Full Cyber Platform.

This will create the full cyber world.  It will add some interesting fun to the time, but expand fully the services we can provide to everyone.  For some it will more than you want, for others maybe not enough.  We will have it setup for an avatar stroll through the cities, or teleport if preferred.  The main purpose is interaction and relationship building with people from all over the world.

Just a few of the things you will find...

Training and meeting rooms, an auditorium for cyber events,


Available properties for both buy and sale.


The final enhanced real-time version of our block chain contracts.

More robust Audio Video communications

Robotic responders and remote mobile access for our investors

Cyber offices and virtual retail store for those interested.

A new product Bazaar with items from all over the world.

Cyber coffee shoppes for casual chat

Private areas for private interactions, or negotiations.

We will have a cyber city for every global city with a population of over 100,000 people

There are 315 cities alone in the US of this population, then 50 support industries and an average of 12-15 companies per industry... The math says that is a whole lot of people.

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