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Real Estate Investors

Join other investors at Alignable, working together for our industry

If you have ever ventured out of your backyard to buy real estate, then I am sure you spent time on Google trying to locate a roofer, or maybe a HVAC guy.  I love Angie's list except that has rarely worked out for me either.  These times can be the most frustrating time ever spent.  This site is created for investors, by a 40-year veteran of real estate investing.  That said, I am always welcome to ideas of how to improve and make things better for all of us.  Unlike Angies' list, we do not have you say what you need, so contractors can respond when and if they want to.... we give you the quick access to speak direct to the company you pick. We are not going to let Vendors bombard you with ads or emails.  They have no access to you until you give it.  Now, in the cyber world to come, you may run into people that want to chat.

Why we all needed this!

Kenny Medlin celebrating 40 years

to Real Estate Investors

What we do not do.

This platform is about Real Estate Investors, and seeks to promote cooperation, sharing and profitable business.  It is not to allow a bunch of vendors to blow up our inboxes with services we do not need nor want,


We only allow you to initiate contact with a service provider, your information is held in our database and not shared nor sold, until you choose to whom you wish to contact.

You will see ads in the REIGC intra-mail box, that if you choose will be forwarded to your designated inbox.  Your actual email address remains hidden, even if you initiate contact, so it is up to you whether you share the information or not.

You will be able to opt-in and search for new things, and new contractors, meet people (other real estate investors) 

The Basics
Access to Suppliers & Vendors, by city, globally

Block Chain Contracts and Escrow Services

Socialize, Network, Work, Play or just Relax

Posted listings for Real Estate opportunities to Buy, Sale, Trade, JV or be a silent private partner.

Vendors at investor's fingertips.  No more long searches!

Simple Input Form

Provider Type


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.    This shows how each listing will be presented for your review      .

Coming to you here live Fourth Quarter 2021

Walk or teleport anywhere

Exclusive membership Add-On,
or included with an office lease.
REIGC investor presentation for website.

On our Professional listings there will be a button that will take you to a full page spread, that will include licenses, examples, whatever other information the provider will deem as important for you see in order to make your decision. And for the Professional listing communication will be so much easier with Audio Video connection available.

For Real Estate Investors Only

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