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Real Estate Lecture Series

Designed as a Step by Step (self-paced) approach from beginning until the end.  It highlights not only the steps, but provides insights and suggestions to help modify your thought processes.  Heavy focus is on Marketing from even before you buy, before your Exit Strategy, before you determine your rehab estimates. and yes, before you actually execute your Exit Strategy.  

We will talk about the Highest and Best Use for a property which sometimes will take a "No Go" proposition and create a cash cow opportunity.

We will share how we replaced traditional "Bandit Signs" with a more cost effective digital solution.

We will take a "Field Trip" to do an actual property inspection preview.

My goal is to help modify your mindset to become not only a real estate investor, but I want to help you achieve the elite status of being a multi-millionaire real estate investor.  This will be achieved by helping you to "get out of the box" and become a creative real estate investor.  I want to empower you in a way to allow you to think "on the run".  

The great Real Estate Investments never afford you time to think... you have to be able to look, negotiate and react.  It is hard sometimes to overcome the fear of contractually committing to a deal, so let me show you how I managed to get around that issue.

This is a small teaser training video to give you a feel for the insights provided in the training course
Included in your
Real Estate Lecture Series

12 Lectures each covering a specific topic and presented in the order that you need to consider each topic as you progress in a real estate opportunity.  Step by Step from locating properties and flowing through finding the right buyer or renter for your property.

REI 101  Finding Properties
REI 102  Exit Strategies
REI 103  Property Evaluations
REI 104  Marketing: Best Use
REI 104B  Repair Estimates
REI 105  Forms & Contracts
REI 105B Forms and Liability
REI 106  Money and Finance
REI 107  Title to Properties
REI 108 Appraisal Understanding
REI 109 Contractors and Providers
REI 110 Marketing

Helpful tools to expedite your collision with your success.

50 ways to find properties
REI Guide to Private Money Lending
Option Agreement Document
Income Approach Excel Sheet
Low Expense Flip Excel Spreadsheet
Repair Checklist Excel Spreadsheet

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Okay this was what I am told it is worth.   

List Price: $1,995.00

Yeah Right, lets get real here

Money is Tight", I get it!  But Ignorance is more Expensive!

So Let's compromise...  I need some money and you need to save some money ...

FYI: If I am to mentor you, this course is a pre-requisite for me agreeeing to work with you

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