REI Global Connect Venders

As an REI Vendor you will have access to the REIGC world, its members, vendors and educators from around the world.  As a vendor you will receive 1 free membership included for your Office Avatar.  We can add additional members to your vendor team at the rate of $25.00 per member per year. Additionally, if you cover more than one city with your products or services for an additional charge, we can add your office in each city.  If your company is nationwide or global, then make contact and we will work up a suitable program for you . This is truly a great place to network, get electronic business cards, leads, and have a great time.

Remotely Connected Virtual Office

A virtual office with access to remote contact via our mobile application on your smart phone, so you do not have to be sitting in your virtual office 24/7.

Android Greeter with your common questions and answers pre-programmed

We will have in each office an Android greeter that can answer basic questions, that you create which are common to your business. Customers will automatically give your greeter their electronic business card.

Intramail and Document handling

There is an internal intramail as well as document storing and file sharing, including uploads and downloads for both profiles.


Screen-sharing with your customers

The capability of screen sharing from your laptop /computer.

In-house currency eliminating conversion at point of sale

The internal accounting system, will give you the option to be paid direct or funds used from their account in our own internal currency system.

Conference Rooms on-demand

Although we can integrate a permanent dedicated room, you can simply click on one when needed for a fee.  And if you need a conference room larger than the basic 4-man, there is options to upgrade to a 8-man, 12-man and 20-man conference room at an adjusted fee. Conference room includes video phone calls via the internet; so you can have people from everywhere connected.

No Revenue Sharing

We do not ask you share in any revenue that you earn.  Simply abide by the lease terms. If you purchase your own building (the income stream from the Lessors), there is a property tax that will be deducted from your income stream before your money is added to your CRER account.  You can request funds from your account at anytime, and credited to your linked external accounts.


The office is designed for you to swap out furniture, add pictures to the wall and other things to make it feel more like your place.

Marketing and Advertising

You will have a marquee (which is a teleportation link), when they hover their mouse it will present a pop-up of the services you offer.  Additionally, vendors will have primary access to other marketing tools within the cyber world.

Lease Rates

Lease Rate


Additional City

Conference Room Dedicated 4-man

Conference On Demand

Each Extra Hour

1- Man office

4- Man office

12- Man office

24- Man office

$  50.00 /month

$100.00 /month

$200.00 /month

$400.00 /month

$10.00 /month

$10.00 /month

$20.00 /month

$35.00 /month

$200.00 /month

$200.00 /month

$200.00 /month

$15.00 /hour


$15.00 /hour


$20.00 /hour


$30.00 /hour


$10.00 /hour

$12.00 /hour

$18.00 /hour

$25.00 /hour

Sizes and options available, let us know your cyber dreams.  Here you can have virtually everything you want.

If you want to own your own custom designed building and rent space to others, we can do this too!

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