REI GC Vendor Listings
Promote your business and services to new investors, many whom you have never met. Every time an investor buys a property, he will enter the city and the service needed in a search field, that will return the appropriate listings data.  If your service, and your service area, then you will appear, at what ever level of presentation you have chosen.  They will contact you direct.  

We do not collect a commission or anything.  Simply the money you pay to be listed in the database and any other promotions you wish to purchase.
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Presentations are key to getting your listing noticed

Being on a list be viewed by prospects is wonderful, especially when it cost you nothing.  HOWEVER, this site will be your opportunity to capture the attention of people you most likely have never done business before, they are probably new to your backyard, if you want their money, you are going to have to create that GREAT first impression.  What Presentation you decide now, will affect your ROI on your advertising.

Presentations we offer for your consideration
These are annual prices, but we do offer specials from time to time.

Basic Listing: $97

Enhanced Listing: $297

Professional Listing: $997

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