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Knowledge Bank

Land Trust

A legal (all States) instrument, method, for taking Title to properties and offers unique flexibility. A bad asset protection instrument but has other many flexible uses.

  Worth the watch.

RE Investing Lecture Course

These lectures will help the Beginner and the "Experienced Pro". Designed as a Step by Step approach to a transaction.  Emphasis is placed on Marketing, because we have found that marketing will make the difference between the 29 million investors in the US, and the 1.2 million US investors that have achieved millionaire status as investors.

Mentoring Program

Most feel they know it all, or mentoring is an expense that is simply not worth the money.  I would like to remind you, mistakes often cost an investor much more, both in time and money.  No, not every mistake can be avoided...  things always seem to happen.  But often, experience is key to avoiding many mistakes.  If you do not possess experience it is wise to partner with, or hire someone's experience and have it in your investor toolbox

Controlling Foreclosures

This system will allow you the opportunity to gain control of a property in Foreclosure without the property ever making it to the Auction Block.  This system offers high R.O.I. potential with minimal cash exposure.


This is one of the most important tools that you have available, and will often set you a part from most other real estate investors.  This is a skill you will develop over time, and in specific markets, but true successful investors are entering new markets, and even global markets. This is a step that is done in every step you make from purchase to sale

Real Estate and the Evolution

This short video is about the changes in the last decade.  Advancements in the industry as well as the causes and ramifications.  Understanding the good and bad of technology.

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