Thanks for our Pre-Launch Sponsors and Investors

Since sponsors pay money to gain additional advertising, it might seem a company would promote their sponsors only because income is generated. Creative Real Estate Resolution does not allow just everyone with money to be our sponsor.  We already know or will vet all vendors that we allow to be a part of our REI Global Connect world.  It is our highest priority to make as sure as is possible that every participant in this cyber world is a leader in their industry and location, in areas such as quality, customer service and dedication to professionalism.  


Thus, if they are listed as a Sponsor on this Page, then you can rest assured that CRER has the utmost confidence in the services and integrity they provide to their customers /clients, subsequently without reservation, we recommend you call them.

There are still some investor positions open in the LLC. Membership
Platinum Sponsors: $1000+

Ph: 901-795-1425


877-957-4357 Ext. 7059

Gold Sponsors: $500
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Cell: 901-486-2923

Sponsors: $250 or in-kind
Pre-Launch Sponsorship gets you a lot of exposure, as we reach out to the 28 million real estate investors in the United States, plus those in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East, plus offers discounts of 25% off of our lease rates for the first 2-years.
Become a part of the newest form of marketing yourself and your business

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