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Something you may not know.  We are members of a global community and we dedicate a % of your monthly payment to benefit charities that help others in need.  If you have one you wish for us to review for a donation, let us know!

Yes, we can accept cryptocurrency

If you wish to pay in bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency, push the button to email us and specify the currency you wish to pay and we will email you the wallet address for that currency, then when completed, reply to us with a copy of the receipt so we can begin watching for it to credit.

If you want to pay by another method than PayPal or crypto currency, let us know by pushing the button and letting us know, We will always find a way to get some money!

Select your plan, then click the button to "Send me the Link". Type your email address and the name used to pay for your membership.  Once we have received notification of payment, an email will be sent to you with link and instructions

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