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Stake-Holder Membership

This is not about buying stock, or being a shareholder.  This type of membership is so much more.  Buy purchasing this membership, you are included on our governing board.  Your position is to suggest, and help the community to grow with membership quantity and quality, and assist in suggestions or thoughts that will enhance our virtual cyber world.

We have created an equitable reward matrix for you to enjoy the benefits of your contribution.  When you buy the Stake-Holder Membership, you are buying a part of the companies revenue stream, yes revenue, not profits.  As long as the annual per line renewal fee is paid, your line remains intact, and their are no membership fees due as a Stake-Holder member.

Stake-Holder Positions

Each Stakeholder has a line running vertical under his position.  Ever heard that in an MLM you have to be at the top?  This is similar to a MLM, except we are not relying on you nor other members to build the lines, we have a paid sales staff to bring people into the matrix positions.

There are only 50 Stake-Holder Lines available, globally

Now let's talk about members.  The people just come in to have fun and interact.  They are paying a membership fee to play, not building a team

As a Stake-Holder, you sit at the top of a line (or lines).  Every time someone joins, they will be place in a Stake-Holder's line, whether they were recruited to join by another member, or whether our sales team assigns the position. When recruited by a member, they will go under the member, therefore under the Stake-holder.  

Whether individual or company, everyone is a member, and must go into a line.

We build out on a "next member, next slot" basis going all the way across the Stake-Holder line assigning new members, unless they are recruited by an existing member. We will begin with Tier 1, going across 5 times, then we will move to Tier 2 and build it across in the same manner. Thus at the end of the Tier 2 build out each line should have 5 members on Tier 1 and 25 on Tier 2. Note we go all the way across helping all the Stake-Members, before coming back to complete a line or start a new tier.

Each Stake-Holder line is built on a 5-person per tier, It can be widened by the Stake-Member adding a personal friend on their Tier 1. Although it can be as wide as the Stake-Member wants to make it, the company adds in multiples of 5s only. To be added as another company build, the Stake-Member would need to invest in another line at the prevailing market value. The value and price will increase as we add members.

The matrix below, is the reward that is paid out each time someone pays their membership.  This example is represented by the "list price" of membership. The 3.0% reward multiplier determines the amount and is based on the final price a person or company pays for their membership. Being at the top of a line, when we place a new member in your line, you are rewarded monthly.

This is an example only, it may or may not be filled out completely or retain all of the members.  The net results will vary and any income indicated may or may not be achieved.
We do not refund Stake-Holder Memberships, so help us make it profitable.

This is one typical line.  We  place 5 then 25 then 125 and so on.  Referring back to the member reward matrix, you see how they are rewarded, and here we show your reward

Member Reward                               Reward                     People        Stake-Holder       Example Only /Month

Tier 1 (Your friend, or sales)                                  10%      = $4.00             5             Your 3%    =  $1.20    =$          5.99

Tier 2 (Placed by your friend or sales)                     3.0%    = $ 1.20           25            Your 3%    =  $1.20    =$         29.96

Tier 3 (Placed by their friend or sales)                     1.0%    = $ 0.40          125           Your 3%    =  $1.20    =$       149.81

Tier 4 (Placed by their friend or sales)                     0.5%    = $ 0.20          625           Your 3%    =  $1.20    =$       749.06

Tier 5 (Placed by their friend or sales)                     0.5%    = $ 0.20          3125         Your 3%    =  $1.20    =$     3,745.31

Tier 6 (Placed by their friend or sales)                     0.0%    = $ 0.00        15,625        Your 3%    =  $1.20    =$   18,726.56

Tier 7 (Placed by their friend or sales)                     0.0%    = $ 0.00         78,125       Your 3%    =  $1.20    =$    93,632.81

Tier 8 (Placed by their friend or sales)                     0.0%    = $ 0.00        390,625      Your 3%    =  $1.20    =$  468,164.06

Tier 9 (Placed by their friend or sales)                     0.0%    = $ 0.00       1,953,125    Your 3%    =  $1.20    =$2,340,820.31

If all these lines were full, mathematically, the numbers are crazy stupid

We have a market potential 28M real estate investors, and  about 4M venders in the United States alone

Remember we have a paid sales staff that is building this reward matrix, plus an automated marketing system, thus we are not relying on a network marketing build out program to grow our membership. Since we are following a regimented build sequence, then it should build fairly evenly. We cannot forecast the time it will take to build out any sequence, but within the first 12-months, the proforma predicts at least Tier 3 will be complete, and Tier 4 building.

You may buy as many Stake-Holder lines as you desire, but the max number of lines available globally is 50.

Stake-Holder lines are monthly revenue streams therefore you buy one now, and as the revenue increases, so does the value.  These positions are saleable contracts and they are inheritable by your heirs. The current value is based on the conceptual value and the completed segments of the platform, as determined by a venture capitalist company who valuated REIGC at $500,000.00

Today's Price per line is $9,894.00 (last updated 5/18/2021)
Stake-Holder Financing option
If you need some financing, we can offer 15% interest with a minimum of 15% Down and the balanced amortized over 24 months; only one line can be financed. Not making your note on time, will result in the following actions:  cancellation of your Stake-Holder line; your membership will terminate at the end of the year, and you will be required to subscribe then as a member under someone else's Stake-Holder line at regular membership pricing.

NEW: Stake-Holder Launch Reward Bonus. (expires 7/31/2021)

As a qualified Stake-Holder, if you refer someone, who joins as a Stake-Holder, we have added a Referral Bonus of 1% of the revenue generated from their line, also.
Just another way of saying Thank You for helping our organization grow.  

Remember, you have a Stake in the Success of our Global Cyber Community

NOTE: Stake-Holders are required to pay a $60 per line renewal fee every year

If the Stake-Holder sounds good to you, click the button and email me and we will work out whatever details are needed.

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