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Building Global Business Relationships

The REIGC platform provides connectivity between customers and businesses that represent the real estate investing industry.  We provide a medium to interact, make or get referrals and conduct secure business using a variant of block-chain technology for contracts and administration. 


Businesses perform well when there is a relationship, beyond just business formalities.  Customers getting together and socializing and enjoying non business related discussions. This is why in Memphis, investors like to go have lunch ever Friday at the Butcher Shop for an investor get together!

  • Business Connectivity to customers and clients

  • Relationship Building

  • Ongoing interaction

  • Expanding your customer base

  • Transactional security and tracking

  • Education and Training opportunities

When everything we are building is combined, it will be the ultimate client business marketing platform for a start to finish solution for contractors and service providers.

We offer our Real Estate Investor business listings of contractors and service providers, who are vested in advance then segregated by geographic location throughout the US and Canada, and we are working on Europe at the moment.

When an investor buys property in a new area, they need easy access to recommended contractors. and the best way to get recommended is to be on our list.

Real Estate investing is no longer a project in the investors home city, it is now global.  We will be the connectivity source to allow you to find and meet those new investors to your part of the world.

Additionally, soon we will be opening up the cyber world, where people will have the opportunity to talk in a relaxed environment, or have live Audio Video meetings with a team of people, or simply conduct business.  It will include property and investment listings for real estate, and new products being introduced from all over the world.  Read more

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If you are a real estate investor, click below and join for free 

Your information will stay in our database only, and will not be sold.

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If you are a contractor, you really need to be on our vendor list. 

Your information will stay in our database only, and will not be sold.

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If you are a Mentor Coach or Teacher, Your listing is also free 

Your information will stay in our database only, and will not be sold.

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