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Audio and/or Video Telephone & Conferencing

We are in a NEW WORLD since the Pandemic, but people like to see who they are talking to when we are not texting, or emailing.

Ready on May 1, 2021
to service your 
communication desires

Just email your name, email address and phone number

Up to 5 participants per call

Internet and/or cellular (Data rates may apply)

Android, PC, IOS, and/or  Apple compatible

No computer download required

Secure communication, without censorship

Private company, not BIG TECH controlled


Additional capabilities

Create notes

Share screen

Private “in conference” communication
(When on multiple conference, can connect to just one person for private talk)


FREE to Register

FREE to be on a call


To initiate a call, you are required to have a paid account

Personal  $14.95 /Month or pay Annually for 15% Discount ($152.49)

Company $34.95/Month or pay Annually for 15% Discount ($356.49)
For companies we also offer attendant services for $225.00 /Mo


Company accounts can allow others (without an account) to initiate phone calls to their account.

We will create an embedded link to your website ($25.00 setup)

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