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Who am I and why you should talk with me?

I have listed accomplishments below, but what I want to convey is simple.  I have owned businesses and had to create ways to increase my sales and income.  You will see that I have spent years in the real estate industry.  I have been the buyer, the mediator and the seller in one form or capacity, or another.  The key takeaway is simple... When you have served in virtually every capacity, you learn all of them.  You learn what people want and how to deliver.

You learn that if you cannot do it on your own, then you have to hire someone to get the job done.  The life blood of any business is your customers and it does not matter what industry.  The key is knowing how to make the system work to your advantage.

If you know how already, GREAT!   but, if not, I can help you!

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  • Self-Employed Entrepreneur since 1983

  • My first company was a mobile automotive repair service.  The most valuable experience I gained is that you can be good at what you do, have the best tools and training, but if you cannot get the customers, you have no business.  Advertising companies all sound great, but if not done right, money is lost. I spent the time to teach myself how to gain my own customers, and all these years, I did just that, adapting as needed.  The one thing I always hated the most was spending $10K per year (in the 80's) for a yellow pages ad.

  • Began real estate investing in 1983, coming up on my 40th anniversary.

  • 10-year owner of residential mortgage company, that increased my direct mail responses from 1-2% to 10-12%

  • 5-year as owner of a commercial lending company

  • 20-year owner of a full service REALTOR firm in Memphis.

  • 5-year owner as a Hard Money Lender, specializing in self-directed IRAs for private people, earned them an average of 15% each year on the investor's money.  In this I had to market to get the money, then market to lend the money... So again one business, multiple customers, both with unique needs.

  • 2009-2011 served as a contractor for Investwell, a Texas "Hard Money" lender that needed help with 115 defaulted loans and properties in Memphis region after the 2008 market crash.

  • Prior to 1998, I served 10 years in commercial aviation as an aftermarket parts supplier to the airline industry.  While there I was able to create interest and put together a contract that allowed my employer to enter into a first of its kind, A320 supply contract to manage a $300M annual spend.  Also during my tenure, I established a direct mail and marketing system to find new customers within the massive maze of airlines structure.  Huge accomplishment.

Looking back, I was never really in the real estate, auto mechanics nor aviation industry... I was in the contact generation business, and it did not matter the industry.  People are the same and all have many different needs or desires, we simply need to be good at connecting a need... to a solution.

I was able to enter semi-retirement at 53 because
I learned how to find customers, and convert the leads into money. 

So WHY am I here now, offering to help you and your business?

How comfortable are you?  Are your ready for the inflation and coming recession?  

Please, do not make the mistake so many business owners make.
  Do not cut your ad spend, your customers are going to be cutting your income!  You will be needing more customers to offset the loss! I promise!
Do No

Simple, Covid messed up my plans, now there is inflation and the coming recession, meaning I do not feel comfortable with my nest egg anymore, and the little woman does not like life-style reductions... laughing

Personally, I did not want to return to a 0700 day start, and a 2200 day end schedule.  Real Estate was every day, and every waking hour.  It is much easier to help others make the money by dedicating my time to getting YOU connected to the people that want to give you money.

I offer my assistance from 0900 until 1600 each weekday, and I will be taking a long lunch. 

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