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Virtual reality for social interaction, globally.

social communication platform, designed to allow you to speak, converse and connect with people from all over the world.

"Take A Break" from the quarantined isolation and reconnect with your friends and loved ones.

SS breakroom screen 1.jpg
What it is:  A global virtual platform for people to gather for real time verbal conversations in a cyber environment.

What it is not:  It is not a replacement for text messaging, Line, Viber, Signal or any of these types of messaging and communication methods

Perfect place for you and your friends to meet for your

Special interest & hobby group meeting areas.

"How to" or DIY learning areas.

Games and Entertainment areas.

Friendly verbal cyber conversation

Psychologist have determined that a second alter ego is good for personal development
Fun for Sure!
Check out this video from a scientific researcher
This is Healthy too?
I was just tired of being lonely!
Read this one "Psychology Today" Article  Feb 11, 2021
Read this enlightening pdf from Research Gate
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