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Thank you for your purchase and welcome to our global community!

Now that you purchase is made, you will receive an email that has an attached zip file. Download the file, this is your internal client server.  This is important as it allows you access without paying the per minute access charge.  When you open and extract the files, you will be ready to click the sinespace.exe file that will install the client server on your computer.  After installation, just click the icon and create a new account using the email address you used to receive the client server download, once your payment is verified, we will add you to our approved members list. The default region will be our tropical island retreat, where you will find games, a conference and entertainment area, and soon other people to meet and interact.

Be sure to take time to look up the instructions on operating the avatar and exploring other areas.


Note: Sometimes windows defender is nervous, you will have to click "view", then accept, so the security protocols will allow your client access bypass to be installed.  There are no viruses, it is just a computer safety protocol.

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